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  • Our Organization is dedicated to connecting people with green building practices through workshops, topic meetings, a professional membership directory and online resources.
  • Building for Social Responsibility (BSR) a group of Vermont development professionals and others who are concerned with the impact of our work on our communities and environment.
  • We believe that the construction of environmentally sound, healthy, durable green buildings offers one of the most significant solutions to the threats of global warming and resource depletion. To this end we work to advance technologies and practices that reduce our impact on the environment, while supporting sustainable communities and economies.


BSR Objectives
  • To encourage green development principles which include healthy and environmentally sound building materials and practices, renewable energy resources, energy efficient building principles, responsible land use and socially responsible zoning.
  • To encourage the construction of quality homes that are comfortable, durable, and affordable to a broad spectrum of people
  • To encourage green development principles through educating development professionals, legislators, and the public about sustainable building practices, renewable energy technologies, environmentally friendly site design techniques and responsible zoning practices.
  • To encourage and support the entry of women into the building profession.

Projects and Initiatives
  • Arranging lectures at meetings covering building related topics. Topics have included: Solar for the HomeMicro-hydro Power SystemsSustainably Harvested LumberCellulose InsulationGreen Building MaterialsHigh Efficiency Heating SystemsInsulated Concrete FormsConstruction Waste ReductionManufactured Housing, etc.
  • Providing resource and technical assistance to our members and to the general public
  • Providing a forum for our members to network, share ideas, and receive training and education. Workshops have included:Residential Green Building and LEEDHealthy House Construction,Building the Green HomeStraw Bale Construction, andEnvironmental Design.
  • Keeping our members and the public aware of issues relevant to our mission and objectives

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